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“Steal the Stars” marks the stunning return of Magnolia Memoir. With the 80’s- inspired opening anthem “Afterlife” and the southern-soaked title track, “Steal the Stars”, the decidedly cinematic band returns with the third album in their trilogy of concept albums. These addictive songs tell stories of lost innocence and redemption.

Magnolia Memoir is led by the angelic voice of Mela Lee and the vintage keys of Alexander Burke. The two are joined on the project by the hypnotic guitars of Michael Herring, the driving bass of Dan Antunovich on bass, and Neal Daniels on drums.


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Magnolia Memoir “Steal The Stars” out September 21, 2018

Magnolia Memoir welcomes you to the afterlife on their new album “Steal the Stars”. Following in the ambitious footsteps of their previous records, “Steal the Stars” is the third in a trilogy of concept albums. The Memoir is led by charismatic femme fatale: Mela Lee. Famous for her work as a voice actress, Mela flexes her creative songwriting muscles on each of minute of “Steal the Stars”, supported by her bandmates and cowriters: Dan Antunovich, Alexander Burke, Michael “Fish” Herring, and Neal Daniels. 

The album begins with mysterious, driving guitars that expand into the optimistic, vast chorus of “Afterlife”. The song is an unexpected political anthem that churns with echoes of iconic rock bands and dashes of 80’s post punk pop that are reflected heavily in the accompanying Music Video directed by Subliminal Stories. Melancholy bleeds into the second track, “Carousel”, whose lilting guitar blends seamlessly with Mela Lee’s voice, creating a superbly crafted pop gem. “Steal the Stars”, the album’s title track, stands out as an impactful ballad that anchors the album to its emotional core. As the album flows on, the songs tell passionate stories laced with  intrigue, heartbreak, and hope. The album ends earnestly, with “Roll the Dice”, a song that showcases the power of Mela’s voice and the impact of expertly-crafted songs.

Steal the Stars” by Magnolia Memoir will be released on SEPTEMBER 21, 2018.  It was produced by Neil Baldock (Roundhead, NZ/Neil Finn) along with Magnolia Memoir and mastered by Gene Grimaldi (Oasis Mastering). Magnolia Memoir will be performing several shows around Southern California and new media streaming events to promote the record. The Record Release show will be September 22nd RSVP only event at NoName Bar (432 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036).

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First single from the Album "Steal the Stars" - Sept 21, 2018 The Memoir welcome you to the afterlife in this 80's inspired video Hi Res - Preview not for distribution or sharing Booking/Press contact @MagnoliaMemoir across Platforms Directed by Subliminal Story / Jason Gutierrez with Magnolia